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3x Active silver set mask

15.00 €
3 cotton masks whose fabrics have been actively enhanced with a Silverplus® process. Due to the triple action mechanism of SILVERPLUS®, the odour-causing bacteria cannot unfold their effect. The antimicrobial effect of the naturally occurring element silver is based exclusively on free silver ions, which have a bacteriostatic effect due to the special process.

Our masks are no medical products in the sense of the MPG.

The mask has no additional nose clip or sewn-in filter. Our mask comes with a cotton band or an elastic band and can be washed at 90° without the effectiveness of the silver ions diminishing. If you have several masks, please wash them sorted by colour at 95°C without fabric softener.

For hygienic reasons, returns are not possible. BeWooden does not assume any product liability.
Organic Cotton
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Size: One Size fits all
Made with love: Wash at 95°C
Colour: Mix
Certification: Not medically certified
Fastening: With full-cotton band
Please take care: Wash before wearing


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