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Bamboo Toothbrush (x2)

7.95 £
We’ve all seen the images of plastic toothbrushes washing up on beaches all over the world. It’s such a sad sight to see and a huge problem in the fight against plastic pollution. Let's be part of the solution. We have created our very own sustainable bamboo toothbrushes. The handle is made from 100% biodegradable Moso Bamboo. Moso is panda-friendly because these particular bamboo species are not recognized as food by the pandas. Meaning you can keep your pearly whites sparkling clean without hurting any of our furry friends. The bristles are made from 65% castor bean oil which means they are much more earth-friendly. They do still have some nylon in them though so you will need to remove the bristles and place them in your normal bin before composting the handle.
What We Love
— 2 x bamboo toothbrush
— 100% biodegradable handle
— 65% plant-based bristles
— Medium bristles
— 100% biodegradable packaging
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