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Baby Carrier - Lenka 4ever Mandala - Blue

118.00 €
Material: 100% Cotton
Size: The carrier is fully adjustable and is suitable for babies from 3 months (European size 62 - 68) to about 3-year-old toddlers (Up to European size 104).
Handmade in Europe
Ready to Ship: in 3 -5 days ​​​​​​​

This gorgeous Lenka 4ever baby carrier with Mandala pattern & blue colour is made from extremely comfortable and skin friendly Lenka baby wrap.
It is fully customizable to exactly fit the baby's size. The width of the carrier can be adjusted very easily by pulling straps located on the front of the backrest just above the hip belt. Just pull the laces down to your baby's size and tie the knot. The height of the backrest is also adjustable and retracted/lowered by retractors at the top of the backrest.
Instructional video about using Lenka 4 ever Baby carriers

Shoulder Straps
Standard / Classic: can be worn without crossing on the back
Wide: can be crossed on the back.

Shoulder straps and waist
Organic Cotton

About Be Lenka

Slovak manufacturer of ergonomic carriers and baby scarves, barefoot shoes and stylish clothes for mothers. Choose from Belenka product portfolio.

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