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Dea Rose

55.00 €
Wooden bow tie Dea Rose elegant and chic
When should you wear a bow tie? The answer is always. Forever. The wooden bow tie is the easiest and freshest way to be different. Choose the Dea Rose wooden bow tie made of maple to stand out from the crowd and express yourself.

The Dea Rose wooden bow tie is for all the hearty ones. It's slick, fresh and adds a touch of pink to your daily outfit. Every time you wear it you let everyone know about your good-naturedness and kindliness. The quality materials of maple wood and fabric were united by hand in the Dea Rose to create a wonderful, subtle yet fashionable product. The elastic band easily wraps around your neck for maximum comfort and ensures that you can adjust it to your neck. It is light, too, only weighing 34 grams, so you won’t even notice it! With this unique wooden accessory you can be creative and match hundreds of different outfits. Dea Rose is a symbol of kindness.

Let your bowtie express your personality. - #iamhearty
Life time warranty: Quality
Wood: Stained maple
Responsibility: Eco friendly
Weight: 34 g
Size: 10,5 x 4,5 cm
Colour: Light Pink


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