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Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil

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A nourishing yet delicate dry body oil that firms and deeply hydrates parched and lackluster skin. The sumptuous signature essential oil blend of Neroli, Lavender, Rose, and Mandarin, combined with unique antioxidant-rich BioOrganic botanicals, works to revitalize the skin, soothe the senses, and combat stress, helping you indulge in a Moment of Mindfulness.

For all skin types, including sensitive. Dermatologically tested. All products adhere to our strict FREE FROM promise.
Our Firm & Revitalise Dry Body Oil is enriched with an abundance of precious oils working on all fronts: Macadamia and Borage oils provide rich essential fatty acids which help to firm the skin, Mongongo oil offers high levels of Vitamin E and Kukui oil helps hydrate and repair. The addition of Kalahari, our lightest oil, ensures this beautifully fragranced oil sinks effortlessly into the skin, leaving no residue.
Organic Content
All skin types seeking a beautiful, radiant glow
Bio-Organic body care to deeply nourish and firm skin
Relieving dry skin with rich botanicals
Instant hydration with a super lightweight dry oil
Delicately fragrancing from top to toe
Growing tummies and soon to be mummies
Use every day in the morning or evening

To indulge in a Moment of Mindfulness, follow our ritual to help clear your mind and guide you to daily positivity.
Step 1: Apply a few drops of the dry body oil to your hands and warm between your palms.
Step 2: Cup your hands around your nose and inhale deeply three times, focusing on each breath.
Step 3: Apply the dry body oil directly to your skin, enjoying the beautifully layered essential oil blend.
LOCK-IN MOISTURE: Apply after a shower or bath when the skin is still damp to help lock in moisture and intensify the effects of the oil blend.
RADIANT GLOW: Use directly onto dry skin to achieve an instant radiant glow.
FRAGRANT EXPERIENCE: Apply before a shower or bath to allow the relaxing essential oils to permeate in the heat.
SUPERCHARGED HYDRATION: Blend with your body moisturizer for supercharged hydration.
SOFTEN SKIN: Use after hair removal to soften and smooth skin.
GROWING TUMMIES: For mummies to be this oil softens skin and helps prevent stretch marks.

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Probiotic skincare from Britain

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