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Goose Feather & Down Pillow

24.80 £
Sink into a luxurious and supportive goose feather and down pillow and experience a natural and tranquil sleep. This luxury pillow offers the plump cushioning of goose feathers with the added support of indulgently soft goose down for medium support. Long lasting and reliable, these pillows are an impeccable investment for anybody’s sleep health. Treat yourself by pairing one with our goose feather and down duvet, for added luxury.
Organic Cotton
Cover: 100% Sustainably Sourced Cotton
Filling: 85% Goose Feather / 15% Goose Down
Care Instructions: Wash at 40°C. Tumble dry until thoroughly dry. Do Not Bleach. Do not dry clean.
Dimension (cm): See our Size Chart
Country of origin: China
Product Packaging: Reusable storage bag

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