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horizon sustainable face masks - pack of 6

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one size
Sustainable materials – 100% Bio-degradable: Our masks feature three layers of 100% natural and sustainable fabrics: hemp and organic cotton on the outer layer, and two layered high-thread-count cotton filter on the inner layer. Wash and reuse our masks for an environmentally friendly alternative.
Scientifically-proven protection: Hemp cotton, which features antibacterial properties, makes up our masks' outer layers. Our double inner-layer cotton fabric filters have been shown in scientific studies to be effective.
Adjustable one size fit: Designed to be comfortable, these masks are made with strings made from natural materials that can be adjusted for a perfect fit and optimal protection.
Supports artisan groups: Our face masks are handmade and hand-stitched by small groups of artisans who have been seriously impacted by COVID-19. Your patronage helps support them through these tough times.
You buy, we donate: For each mask we sell, we will donate a mask to a person in need, offering invaluable protection to those less able to purchase one for themselves. This includes the homeless, migrants in insecure living situations, and other members of the vulnerable population. 
*These are not medical masks. For hygiene reasons we cannot take returns.

100% Natural materials | Sustainable | washable | Handmade.

Our face masks use premium-quality fabric (2 layers) and 1 layer of hemp and organic cotton for all-day comfort. Environmentally friendly and designed for easy breathing, these all-natural masks are washable and reusable. Ready to Ship.
Organic Cotton
Materials - Outside layer – Hemp and organic cotton handwoven on a traditional loom.Inside filter layer, adjustable straps and loop – 100% cotton.

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