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Korkii, Balance game HEN KIKO

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Our CORK FAMILY just got bigger, again! The latest addition to our family is hen KIKO and her four chicks. KIKO’s wings are wide open, so the balance game can start. Keeping balance can be sometimes very difficult, but it is so much fun!

KIKO is a fun balance game for little explorers and their parents. The aim of the game is to place eggs and chicks on both wings while keeping KIKO centered. Kids will discover quickly that red cork eggs are as light as a feather and natural wooden ones are as heavy as stones. To make this balance game even more challenging, you may use only one hand when placing objects on wings.

Dice, which comes with the game, has no picture painted on one side. Can you guess what it means?

Balance game KIKO promotes the following areas of child’s development:- social skills,- attention and concentration, patience, fine motor skills.

* Balance game for 2 players. If a player rolls a dice and an empty side or an object that is no longer available (all are already placed on a hen) comes up, the player loses a turn.
* Players may use one hand only when placing objects on wings!

1. Players choose who will roll a dice first. They continue to roll the dice until a chick comes up. The player who rolls a chick chooses a wing and starts. A player rolls a dice and places an object that came up on a wing.
2. Players take turns rolling the dice and place eggs and chicks on wings accordingly.
3. The game ends when any object(s) falls off the wings. The player who caused objects to fall, loses the game. If both players successfully place all objects on the wings, the winner is a player who placed more of them.

A useful tip for younger children:
If objects are placed on their flat side, they will not slide or roll.
Balance game contents:
1 cork hen
1 dice
4 chicks
6 wooden eggs
8 cork eggs

Manufacturer recommended age: 4+
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