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Korkii, Balance toy HEDGEHOG IN A FOREST

24.00 €
Our hedgehog is very popular with other animals in a forest. That is why they leave him little treats along the pathway of the forest – a squirrel leaves him nuts and a doe some mushrooms. Our young hedgehog picks all these treats, places them on his yellow spines, and carries them to his den, but there is a catch. Since mushrooms and nuts can be wobbly, the entire load may fall off his back and he needs to start all over again.

A balance toy for toddlers HEDGEHOG IN A FOREST challenges children when placing objects on a hedgehog´s back. The objects differ in size and weight - wooden hazelnuts are heavy and smooth to touch, cork mushrooms are light and porous.

Balance toy for toddlers promotes following areas of child's development:

Social skills,
Observation skills,
Concentration and patience,
Fine motor skills,
Logical thinking.

The balance toy is suitable for a single player, but two can have fun too!

A child places cork and wooden objects on a hedgehog's back in no particular order so they won't fall.

GAME RULES for two players:
1. Players equally, divide objects and decide who starts first.
2. Players take turns placing objects on a hedgehog's back.
3. If an object that the player is trying to place on a hedgehog's back falls off or more objects are knocked over that player has to collect all objects and continue playing.
4. The winner is a player who places all his/her cork and wooden objects on a hedgehog´s back as first.
1 cork hedgehog
8 cork yellow triangles
4 wooden nuts
4 cork mushrooms

Suitable for children from the age of 2.
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