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Lini Minibackpack

55.20 €
Universal Black Lini Minibackpack
The Lini Minibackpack was created for those moments, when you are looking for the greatest possible mobility, but still want to ensure that you have all your necesseties with you. The backpack measures 45 x 30 cm and has a volume of about 10 litres. The recommended carrying capacity is 4-5 kilograms. Regarding the straps, we have paid particular attention to ensuring that they do not press into the shoulders and therefore sit comfortably yet stably. Therefore they are about 25 mm wide and are made of comfortable and skin-friendly cotton material. Another special feature is a hidden zip pocket inside the Backpack, where you can store a mobile phone or documents to find them quickly.

We use natural materials for our Accessories. This is why each and every one is unique. Product Pictures are illustrative.
Organic Cotton
Wood: zebrano
Material: cotton
Weight: 300g
Size: 47 x 34 cm / 10 l
Colour: black
Shoulder straps: adjustable
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