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Mask Configurator

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Become the designer of your own mask! Have your life motto, favourite quotation, your initials or a funny text printed on the mask. The text can be up to 70 characters including spaces. Depending on the length and the size of the text, the print changes so that the long text becomes smaller and can be placed in two lines. Names, initials or abbreviations are printed in a larger font size than on the main model photo. Add any requirements to the note when filling out the order.

Choose a white or black variant and write in the "Add text" field what you want to have printed on your mask! This makes your mask a completely original and creative accessory.

Place the text in the grey field exactly in the line and in the style you want it to look like.

- maximum length of the text on the width 7,5 cm
- maximum number of characters 70 including spaces
- used font Open Sans Regular
- Font size depending on the amount of text
- Machine wash is possible at 60 °C

The mask has no additional nose clip.
Only the black and purple masks have a sewn-in filter pocket.
All designs come with a cotton strap and are washable at 60°.

Our masks are no medical products in the sense of the MPG.

The mask is suitable for adult men and women. Masks for children, you can find here.

With the purchase of this cotton mask, you are also helping us as a small manufactory to survive the difficult times. With the sale of the masks, we can at least currently finance materials, wages of our employees and other overhead costs. Furthermore, we are of course also happy if you look at our other accessories and we can give you another pleasure with one or the other eye-catcher.

For hygienic reasons returns are not possible. BeWooden does not assume any product liability.

For hygienic reasons, returns are not possible. BeWooden is not liable for the product.
Organic Cotton
Responsibility: This is not a medical certificated product
Material: 100% cotton (mask); Band: Rubber or 100% cotton
Size: One Size fits all
Local: Made from small manufacturing places
Guarantee: Return is not possible
Colour: Black or white
Certification: Wash with 60° before first usage
Fastening: Rubber or 100% cotton band
Design: Variable; different designs from different manufacturing places


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