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Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Active Dew Face Cream

20.00 £
Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Active Dew Face Cream Start and end the day with this special rich, and long-lasting natural face moisturiser. A cult face cream to soothe dry skin in a flash with the triple shot of moisture, nourishment and protection. Our Active Dew Face Cream for dry, normal and sensitive skin gives superb natural hydro-active protection.   Winner of The Beauty Shortlist 2018 Editor's Choice Award, our moisturiser is the ultimate rescue for dry skin.  Formulated with an intense blend of nourishing active components, the moisturiser assists with skin recovery and provides lasting hydration. Botanical and bio-hyaluronic acid work with pomegranate, baobab and argan oil to build strength, protect from stress and smooth away signs of ageing.  A natural face moisturiser with impressive results   One of the best products for sensitive or dry skin, our moisturiser offers superb protection from environmental and lifestyle stress.
The face cream contains:  
Pomegranate extract  
Hyaluronic acid 
Cassia angustifolia seed polysaccharide 
Baobab oil  
Argan kernel oil 
Olive oil unsaponifiable 
Please note that our moisturiser does not contain any SPF sunscreen. This is due to the debate over putting some of the ingredients that they contain onto the skin. We suggest protecting skin from the sun by covering up when practical or using sun cream 30 minutes before going and topping up the application every couple of hours. 
Why should I use a Nakin moisturiser?  
- 98% natural and formulated without parabens, SLES, retinol, propylene glycol and artificial colour and fragrance
- Vegan & cruelty-free face cream
- Leaping Bunny registered
- Gluten free
- Wheat free
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