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Piglet Merino Wool Pillow (single)

69.00 - 99.00 £
Super King
Introducing Piglet's new range of merino wool pillows to perfectly complement your linen bedding. Our pillows are filled with 100% carded Merino Sheep's Wool and are encased in 100% Organic cotton. These materials have been specially selected to help regulate temperature and aiding a night of restful, deep sleep. They are available in 3 levels of firmness, ensuring that you can find the perfect pillow for your needs. Piglet's Soft Organic Pillow filled with 600g of Merino wool, is our softest pillow. Our Medium Organic Pillow filled with 800g of Merino is our medium-range pillow, offering a great balance of support and softness. The Firm Organic Pillow is filled with 1000g of Merino Wool and is the firmer pillow in our range, offering maximum support. Click here to read more about why we think you will love merino wool bedding!
Standard Pillowcases: 75cm x 50cm
Super King Pillowcases: 90cm x 50cm
Merino Wool
How to care for your pillows: Although all of our products can be washed in your machine, we would advise doing this only when absolutely necessary. The best way to keep them clean, fresh, bacteria and toxin-free and to ensure they last, is to air them all in the sunshine on the washing line at least 4 times a year, preferably at the turn of each season. The sunshine sterilizes the wool and the cotton and the warmth of the sun will encourage any moisture trapped within the wool to be wicked away. Airing our products also encourages the fibers of the wool to naturally expand back out, ensuring that the pillows and duvets are revitalized and bounce back to life.
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