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Soapnut Natural Laundry Pods

11.95 £
x 8 Soapnut Laundry Pods
1 Instruction guide
Comes Packaged in a beautiful eco-friendly Jute Bag
Laundry detergent that literally grows on trees! The shells of the soapnuts or 'Ritha' as they are called in India have been used for centuries. Washing your clothes can't get any greener than this! We have packaged the soapnuts into easy-to-use pods enriched with Epsom salt and essential oils to make your laundry green and easy.
Each pod is single-use.
Works well with delicate fabrics like silks.
Great for allergy sufferers.
Works best with water temperatures 40-90 degrees C.
Environment friendly and gentle on the skin.
Do not release any harmful chemicals.
How it works
The shells naturally contain saponin (a surfactant) which when comes in contact with water acts as a soap and creates suds. Once the soapberries are cultivated, they are dried and get their reddish-brown color. The black kernel is then removed as it does not contain any saponin.
They are packed in cotton bags ready to be sent to you!
The Epsom salt helps make the clothes softer and also acts as a carrier for the essential oils.
Organic Content
How to use- Each pod is ready to use. Put 1 pod per wash at the bottom or in the middle of the laundry. If the load is very big or the water is too hard, use an extra pod. Run the machine as normal. Once used the pods can be cut open and the soapnuts can be disposed of in the compost or with food waste. The outer shell can be put in the commercial compost.
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