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Turquoise Kids Mask

8.00 €
This mask is made of 100% cotton, for children under 12 years.

First of all: Our masks are no medical products and do not offer any protection against transmission of droplet infections. With a purchase you confirm your cognizance that this product is not for medical use.

The mask does not have an additional noseband or sewn-in filter. Our mask comes with a cotton strap or elastic band and is washable at 95°C. If you have several masks, wash them separately by color at 95°C without detergent.

With the purchase of this cotton mask you are helping us as a small manufacturer to get through this difficult time. With selling the masks, we currently can at least pay for the materials and the wages of our employees. Therefore, we would be happy if you take a look at our other accessories.

For hygienic reasons returns are not possible. BeWooden does not assume any product liability.
Organic Cotton
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Size: For kids under 12 years
Made with love: Wash at 95°C
Colour: Turquoise, white
Certification: Not medically certified
Please take care: Wash before wearing


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