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Hey there, our Earth-loving friend.

The truth is that there are tons of great sustainable and responsible brands and product makers in all corners of the world. And there are many online shops, blogs, vlogs and posts and recommendations, when it comes to all things sustainability to consider, yet there are not so many comprehensive marketplaces that have available shipping to your locations or has the variety of products you need.

Who we are?

We are a small team of sustainable life-style loving enthusiasts, that might come from a different career backgrounds, but when it comes to sustainability, we all had the same goal.

To create a marketplace that will:

• get us dressed, cleaned and pampered in Earth-friendly products

• have products available in our location as well as other places around the world

• help us to fight environmental crises and support good causes

• promote zero waste lifestyle and provides us with a list of such local businesses

How does Goods For Planet work?

We are an online marketplace that lists and recommends wide variety of brands and products that are kind to the planet, fair to the people who are making them and gentle to us, who use them. We evaluate each brand individually to make sure their products are matching the expectations of a conscious buyer and are promoting sustainable and responsible sourcing or manufacturing.

We do not handle any shipping, nor do we have a warehouse or logistic centre.
We have decided, that we do not want to add additional carbon footprint by double delivery and producing more packaging and waste.
We are your sophisticated shopping list for planet-friendly products.
Our mission?
To support sustainable brands.

Hey, join us!

Are you a brand which is sharing our beliefs and would like to be listed? Or do you have a favourite company or product, that you would like to see on Goods For Planet?


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