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For the love of nature. Handicraft & tradition

It is 2013 and three friends Jacob, Ctirad and Patrick decided to give an old craft of wood-making new life and created unique wooden bow ties, that immediately stirred attention of the local (Czech) media. With each piece being crafted by hand and from different pieces of wood, each product is undoubtedly one of its kind and ads a personality to its owner.

We believe in the uniqueness of every human. We believe that everyone can stand out with their personality, their charisma and style. And above all, we believe that being unique means being yourself.

In their own words
Before the company's first birthday, the product portfolio grew by wallets, cufflinks and bow ties for ladies. They also moved from a garage to a brand new space and add new members to its team. As of today the company is making wooden jewellery, accessories, stationery and even unique socks and backpacks with each product carrying unique design yet always connecting you with nature through its natural materials and touch of craftsmanship.

What does BeWooden offer?

BeWooden offers handcrafted:
- Wooden accessories (bow ties, suspenders, cufflinks)
- Wooden jewellery (earrings, pendants, necklaces, pendants, brooches and lapels
- Socks
- Leather wallets, bags and backpacks
- Stationery: pen, pencils, notebooks etc

Why we love BeWooden?

What is there not to love about this playful, yet down to earth brand that combines unique design with fine art of wood-crafting.

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