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69.00 €
Wooden bow tie Choco for men
An extraordinary wooden accessory that can say everything about you without any word. The Choco bow tie is made of maple wood and meant for gentlemen who care about every detail. Careful handicraft creates an accessory that makes your outfit unique - with a personal engraving you can also make your wooden bow tie even more individual. At BeWooden, we not only care about the beauty of our products, but we also pay attention to their comfort. The bow tie is attached to a rubber band that is placed around the neck with a simple closure. You can easily adjust the length of the band to your neck circumference. Our bow ties are particularly light - you won’t even notice that you are wearing it. However, the attention you will get from your surroundings will always remind you of the unique accessory that you are currently wearing.

For your wooden bow tie you can order our unique wooden box.

We use natural materials for our Accessories. This is why each and every one is unique. Product Pictures are illustrative.
Life time warranty: Quality
Wood: Stained Maple
Responsibility: Eco friendly
Weight: 23 g
Size: 12,5 x 4,5 cm
Colour: Dark Blue


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