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79.00 €
Wooden bow tie Dolo for modern men
When should you wear a bow tie? The answer is always. Forever. The wooden bow tie is the easiest and freshest way to be different. Choose the Dolo wooden bow tie made of apple tree wood as well as the kooky and stylish pattern that has been carefully added to the wood using a special laser technique.

The answer is yes! It is an exciting and unforgettable day in your life and for this occasion, we have something very special for you – the Dolo wooden bow tie. Choose this accessory to emphasize your style and be different. The dots have been added with a special laser and finished with a black fabric. The elastic band can be adjusted to your neck for additional comfort and the light weight of the Dolo makes you forget that you’re wearing it. The product comes in a beautifully designed and stable paper box.
Life time warranty: Quality
Wood: Pear
Responsibility: Eco friendly
Weight: 23 g
Size: 12,5 x 4,5 cm
Colour: Brown
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